How does networking lead to a job?

To many working couples, an international assignment is both an opportunity and a challenge. For some, the negative financial aspects of taking on a global job can turn into a considerable issue. With compensation packages overall decreasing in most sectors, one might actually face that saying yes to a global adventure means both saying goodbye to a job and a steady dual income.

Finding a new job becomes top priority. But how to land this job? And what to do if you are not allowed to work – or even volunteer in your new country of choice?

A powerful, yet simple career advice can be summed up in nine words. It is all about how people talk about you. Opportunties appear if you are positive, diligent and project yourself as a professional ready to take on new challenges.

We have all heard that many career moves are not happening through formal job postings and interviews. Instead people and job openings are matched based on past achievements, recommendations and simply people connecting people with people.

Broaden your competencies. Build your network.

This is where here we are becomes an effective leverager of opportunities. Through global and local networks of people and organisations we create an ecosystem of global minds and opportunities. We give organisations access to talent available in the country and we gather people to build links and create bonds across geographical and professional borders.

Nice words. But how does this help me when moving to a new country, you may ask?

Well, first of all you are not alone. We ensure that you are immediately connected with likeminded, supportive professionals sharing a growth mindset. This means you can use the here we are as a platform to broadcast your skills and experience and air your vision for a fulfilling (global) work life. This work life can also entail remote work – or perhaps strenghtening an array of skills to enable you to take on new jobs – abroad or upon return to your home country.

Not allowed to work? How to beat the showstopper of dual careers

There is no magic bullet to solving the legislative issues around work permits. If you are not allowed to work, creative measures need to be taken to uphold your employability. No matter the circumstances what you can proactively do is:

1) Maintain a professional identity.
2) Contribute to a growing network and take up a role suited to your needs.
3) Build your skills set – and thereby;
4) Position yourself to come closer to options for short or long term assignments.

We offer tools and frameworks to ensure that disregarded any local challenges, you are invited to engage professionally. To grow, learn, work or volunteer.

It starts with you taking the first step by placing yourself in the driver’s seat. Go out there. Connect. Contribute. And get people talking positively about you. We have seen it working and are confident it will work for you too.

Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen is a Global HR professional and the founder of here we are.



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