June 2018 – Improve Your Skills Through Colour

This interactive session explored different communication styles based on the DISC model. The tool can help us understand why we communicate in a way that sometimes leads to misunderstanding and conflict.

Rebecca Kastell, an organizational psychologist spoke at this very inspiring session. Based on the  DISC model, she talked about how to think in colours when we communicate. With participants hailing from Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, India, Ireland Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and USA, an interesting debate followed on how to better understand communication styles across borders!

Learning: Good communication is important but being aware and culturally sensitive is essential. 

Feedback and highlights from this session: 

  • Really good!  Made me curious about the next step.
  • It helped me to become more persuasive, a skill I struggle with.
  • It was super to understand myself, family and co-workers. Fantastic!

Hosted by: Mind space

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