March 2018 – A journey to your inner home

The focus of this event was on “Life and Health”. The idea was to help globally mobile people to become more aware of the mental and physical changes (and stresses) that follow a transition, like moving from one country to another.

Mirjam Tiel van Buul, moved to Warsaw in 2017.  She set up her company International Counseling in Warsaw and today she works alongside her Warsaw colleagues at Dialog Centrum terapii.

Following a loved one on a professional assignment to another country can be an exciting adventure and a chance to learn new skills. However, It can also prove to be a challenge adapting to a foreign culture, finding a meaning and purpose in the new life.

Learning; We learnt about what happens to us during a major change in our lives and how to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that come with such transitions.

Hosted by: Mind space



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