October 2018 – here to Learn

Together with here we are Global and International Friends of Warsaw we invited Dr. Margorzata Bonikowska, a Polish Political Scientist, Academic teacher and a Government Advisor. We are thankful to Dr. Bonikowska, who gave us through recount of socio-political background to Poland. She shared with us interesting insights into the current political landscape and possible future trajectory. It is always empowering to understand the political environment of the country you live in, even though many of us we are here temporarily.

Learning: We learnt about the political landscape in Poland.

Feedback from the network 

“Understanding the context of today’s political situation in relation to the Polish history, took away some prejudice that one can easily have as an outsider”

You can get in touch with Dr. Malgorzata Bonikowska here at mbonikowska@mttp.pl

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