February 2019 – Here to see your life in brighter colors

THANK YOU to those of you who joined us yesterday for our workshop here to see life in brighter colors. The session was thought provoking, a deep dive into the Matrix with personal reflection on how to live a meaningful life on the move. Many of you talked about how to make the most of your time and how to feel empowered to reinvent yourself in each country. We all appreciated that people opened up and shared some very personal experiences reflections with the rest of the group.

Our learnings were:

·       To make some social impact where you are, take charge, step forward and share your knowledge and build long lasting relationships.

·       In life and health, pay attention to creating a balance between your physical and mental health.

·       If you are keen to stay relevant in your field, find ways to maintain your skills or alternatively, use them in new ways combining both your hard skills and personal impact!

·       Reach out, engage with the new culture, develop an understanding and learn about the new country and include the whole family in the process of integration through communication.

Feedback and reflection after the event:

“Great tools and ideas to think about, discussions that involve reflections”

“Very good discussions and it helped me to focus on my goals”

“Great to liked discovering different points of view”

“The openness of members”

Please find the presentation slides HERE.

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