MARCH 2019 – Here to Lead a Healthier Life

THANK YOU for attending our March event, “Here to Lead a Healthier Life”

We had enough FOOD FOR THOUGHT! Food for the body, mind, and soul!

Special THANKS to our inspiring trio of guest speakers Janet Wallace, Selma Rogalska and Kasia Gendis, who took us on a journey to learn more about what we can do – no matter where you live – to lead a more wholesome life, making conscious decisions and taking educated actions.

We learned we can take small steps towards a better lifestyle – be it composting and tending to a small garden at a time, learning more about what exactly we are eating, or taking time to assess what’s going on in our lives – body, mind and soul.

Please find the presentation slides below, including new slides with recommended books by Janet and Selma.

Thank you for being part of here we are Poland! – Anahita, Elin, Jacqueline, Ji, Louise and Nausheen – Team Poland

SAVE THE DATES: April 16, May 14 and June 13


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