Building an ecosystem of global professionals

So, here we are..a few years into our journey of growing a movement to rewrite the story of global dual careers. Are we there yet? Have we reached our goal?

Truth is, we do not really care about finite goals. We are in process of spreading a new mindset. A global growth mindset that applies to individuals and organisations.

We inspire people to embrace the opportunity of living globally and build skills-set in mindful ways. We advocate for organisations to be bold and explore new ways of deploying global talent.

So, how do we do it?

In essence, here we are global is part of the circular economy. We can call it a quest for ’zero waste of talent’. When people move across borders to work – with a contract or without a clear cut job description – we believe in shared value:

As for any transformation, seeing global talent deployment as an ecosystem requires courage at organisational level. We need visionary leaders to help open REAL opportunities for mobile employees and partners. To truly nourish a global workforce.

The receiving organsiation will benefit from the foreign employee.
The accompanying partner has skills and knowledge to share.
Fellow global professionals add their insights, networks and advice into the mix.
Upon return the shared value becomes even bigger. Global professionals contribute to diverse internationally minded companies, NGOs and institutions.

Provided the circumstances allow for this to happen

Time to play!

Our HR Sandbox event is an effort to create space for organisations to try out new ways of thinking  global people mobility. We gather HR professionals, headhunters, recruiters, entrepreneurs, researchers, leaders AND global citizens to co-develop new solutions suited for the 21st century.

The HR Sandbox is an experimental and experiential (hands-on) learning lab for exploring, developing and practicing alternative approaches. Our focus on 26 March in Copenhagen is for organisations to risk employing the not obvious candidate. The hybrid profile. The global professional that might have just that X-factor to truly leverage innovation and bring in new perspectives.

We are teaming up with DEX and Olskær & Qvortrup  as experts in the HR and diversity field and are looking forward to welcoming a broad group of internationals across sectors.

As an open-ended network, here we are global is ready to partner with globally minded organisations to create real opportunities

We invite you to take part in our journey!  

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