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Sending employees abroad? Welcoming international staff?
We are here to support, connect and inspire!

When working professionals consider an international assignment there are many things to consider: personal as well as professional opportunities – for the employee, but possibly also for an affected accompanying partner.

We know that effects on a partner’s life and career is a major concern, and for some even the primary reason to turn down their own international career opportunities. That is because partners also often are working professionals who may leave behind great jobs and thriving careers.

Here we are global is here to advance the opportunities that come with international assignments, for your employee as well as for the accompanying partner. Happy partners = happy employees!

What we offer

Ready for a global development path?! 

Let us take your employees and their partners by the hand and look at the opportunities associated with an international adventure.

What is a pitstop?
It is a chance to take a break, refuel energy and consider the possible road ahead. 

Participants will walk away from this group workshop with excitement, a broader look at themselves, their capabilities and the opportunities that come with an international assignment.

Employees will have a better foundation for saying ‘YES’ to a new job opportunity abroad.

Duration and context
We recommend a 3 hour group session for a participant engaging in-house pitstop.
For global engagement, online webinars can also be organised.

Who to invite?
A pre-assignment pitstop is for employees considering an international assignment AND their partners.

At here we are global we know that partner concerns can stand in the way of successful international assignments. That is why we are here to turn challenges into opportunities by addressing personal as well as professional questions and family concerns.

When two people make a joint decision to live in another country, we see it as an opportunity for both to grow and create value. We call it the dual career opportunity.

What to expect?
Through group inspiration, individual reflection and 1-1 exercises, employees and their partners will gain deeper insights into how an international assignment can add value both personally and professionally.

Rediscovering the value of your international adventure

Let’s tune in and evaluate. What are the circumstances and opportunities. Together we find ways to stay engaged in a global setting.

We acknowledge that life abroad can hold surprises and leave you lost. We inspire your expatriated employee and traveling partner to jump over the barriers and seek opportunities. We offer tools to map and track competencies developed abroad. And we offer the support of a community of global professionals. Together we embrace opportunities to learn, work or volunteer – to make a difference where we are.

Participants will get tools that support their personal and professional growth and add value to their global resume.

Take-aways include tips for writing a professional profile, diverse options to gain real-life experience abroad and encouragement to continue an international assignment.

Duration and context
We recommend a 2 hour webinar for the rediscovery pitstop.
The pitstop can be designed as a group webinar or as a personal 1-1 assignment follow-up.

Prepare for life at home, it is a new transition

Returning home from an international assignment is known to cause considerate challenges. The pitfalls of transitioning home can be mitigated by adequate information on reverse culture shock and strategies for smoothly re-entering life at home.

In this session, participants will be equipped to face the transition into a daily life that is likely to hold both positive and negative learnings. Tangible, mindful tools and exercises will enable participants to refuel their energy. To comfortably ease in to life at home and pursue new paths, job wise and personally.

Duration and context 
We recommend a 3 hour group session for a participant engaging in-house pitstop.
For global engagement, online webinars can also be organised.


Solutions tailored for your organisation

We are here to co-create opportunities and design solutions valuable to your organisation, your employees and their traveling partners. 1-1 support and pitstops can be part of your solution.

1-1 support
We meet the employee/candidate and partner to go over concerns, inspire and facilitate that the couple takes an informed and shared decision to move abroad.

What is a pitstop?
It is the opportunity to take a break and refuel energy for the transition ahead. We can plan one or a number of pitstops depending on your organisation’s needs.

Pitstops designed and facilitated for organisations and global corporations:

1) Pre-decision: Inspirational Pitstop
Embarking on a new development path – should we stay or should we go?
How can an international assignment add value both personally and professionally?

2) Pre-assignment: Almost ready pitstop
Mastering a global assignment!
Awareness and Reflection. What awaits? Let’s plan for successful and valuable time abroad.

3) On assignment: Motivational Pitstop
Broadening opportunities. Planning and Action.

4) Successful return: End of assignment Pitstop
Returning from international assignment. 
An online or face to face session to prepare for end of assignment and re-entering the domestic job market.

Pitstops can be custom made and included in a global mobility programme tailored to your needs and budget.

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