May 2019 – here to be an expat or repat

21st May 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Koszykowa 61
00-667 Warszawa
20 PLN
Here we are Poland

Please join us for our upcoming event May 21:
Global Mindset – here to be an expat or “repat”.

re·pat  (rē′păt′)
A person who moves back to his or her native country after emigrating; a repatriate.

The moving season is here. The focus of our May event will be on the relocation process – the challenges of adapting to a new culture while supporting your family and possibly looking for a new job, and/or finding new paths to establish yourself. But is moving back to your home country any easier? Can you benefit from your intercultural experience as a “repat”?

The aim of the presentation is to provide you with the tools to adjust your communication style and culturally ingrained behaviour in order to act more effectively and appropriately in a new environment, be it a foreign country or your own.

Meet our speakers

Hanna Buławka-Burgard, a trainer in Intercultural Business Communication, will share the Molinsky’s model for cultural adaptation. She will help you enhance the global mindset, including how to reach the ‘zone of appropriateness’ without losing your authenticity and personal integrity. In the final part of the presentation she will give a brief overview of communication profile to deepen your understanding of the host country’s cultural rules and guide you against potential interactional mishaps.

Justyna Szachowicz, will take us on a personal journey of moving back to her home country and essentially reinventing herself. She will share with us the tools needed for the adjustment process, including tips and tricks necessary to ward off the psychological stress of being a “repat”.

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Here we are Poland, is part of here we are global, a network for professionals eager to grow, get inspired and share. Our purpose is to support global professionals, who move across borders to: work, learn, and volunteer. Team Poland works on a volunteer basis.

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– Team Poland

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