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Your partner just got a new job – in a new country, in another part of the world. You are off to a new international adventure – together. A million opportunities lies ahead. The world lies open. Also for you.

Sooner or later some pretty important questions will pop up: How to make use of my time – apart from caring for others? How to stay employable – and what if I cannot work? How to ensure the assignment becomes a success for all of us? With whom should I connect? How can I contribute? And how will I see myself 3 years down the line?

In the vacuum of endless possibilities, doubt, excitement and culture shock, we are creating a platform for you to start from. Through the here we are global platform, we together create openings for growing and learning.

Introducing the here we are global app

While face to face interaction is the foundation for you to start building your life abroad, technology can become an enabler to structure your ideas and plans. With the here we are global app you will get access to:

  • The here we are competency matrix
    The Matrix is here to help you recognise different opportunities and to evaluate your personal needs, aspirations and priorities. Work through the competency matrix and build your very own development path.
  • Opportunity board
    Find new opportunities to work, learn or volunteer in your new location or globally. The board will show you a list of current opportunities, maybe one of them is just right for you. Or maybe the list will inspire you to see more new opportunities where you are.
  • My network
    Here we are is a network of global professionals and traveling partners. Use the app to build your own network. Find a list of here we are members. Use the list to connect to other members in the same location as you or with mutual interests.

The global app is currently a members only application. All new members will get access to the app and will be asked to register their profile on the app.

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Sending employees abroad? Welcoming international staff?always looking to connect and partner with like-minded organisations and individualsHere we are is a growing network of global professionals advancing the dual career opportunity
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