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Professional on the move? Expatriate spouse? Traveling partner? Returnee?
Join us so we can grow together!

Here we are is a growing network of global professionals advancing the dual career opportunity – we bring you closer to people and opportunities that help you sustain a professional identity while living abroad.

We create a community around personal and professional development through events, peer support and knowledge sharing. We address the challenges of transition and help expand your circles of supportive people sharing a global mindset.

Find a local network near you – or create a new team

find a network near you or create one

Why join here we are?

  • Expand your network

Tap into the energy and creativity of our members from a vast field of professional and geographical areas. Join or establish  local or online teams to share skills and knowledge and try out new ideas. Support and motivation guaranteed!

  • Volunteer

Help us develop our network. Use your skills and develop new ones while helping os develop a global platform, become a key resource person and support other traveling professionals on the move, start a new local team or help out in an excising network. The possibilities are endless. We are all here to engage and contribute.

  • Increase your employability

Take charge of your global development path and seek ways to sustain and develop your professional identity while on the move. Together we seek new opportunities – and help each other prepare for new job markets, internationally, abroad and at home.


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