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Going abroad is an invaluable learning opportunity. When moving to a new location, you are invited to learn about new cultures, new viewpoints and maybe also new languages. The interesting aspect is, that while you take in all the new, you also learn many things about yourself.

On top, many traveling partners use their time abroad to gain new personal or professional skills. This can be done by utilising and developing existing skills in a new context. It can also include new training, online or offline courses and – for some – even a new degree.

At here we are global we design and keep track of our global learning and development path with our Competency Matrix. The Matrix includes a number of dimensions including Life and health, Hard skills, Global mindset and more. Each dimension includes steps to take to strengthen excisting skills and develop new ones. To learn more about the Competency Matrix you need to be a member of here we are global.

Not yet a member? That is ok, we are still here to inspire! On our blog you can learn more about here we are global, meet our members and get inspired by the ways they seek new learning opportunities while on the move.


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May 2019 – Here to be an expat or repat*

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*re·pat  (rē′păt′)n.InformalA person who moves back to his or her native country after emigrating; a repatriate. THANK YOU to all who

Time to say goodbye – Our heartfelt thanks

ji Shin Comments Off on Time to say goodbye – Our heartfelt thanks

Anahita Wilson Late 2017, I had just finished a Polish language class at ASW and was walking out the door

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