The people behind here we are are global professionals and traveling partners. The idea behind this network emerged and developed in Bishkek among a group of expatriated partners who created a forum to discuss, learn and share knowledge to pursue professional identities and opportunities.

Since then here we are has expanded and become a network of people from around the globe. We live on four different continents and we represent a wide range of nationalities, professions and global experiences.  Some helped develop the network from the beginning, some just joined. We are all here to seek and share the opportunities that come with life abroad.


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…. and many more…. We are currently working to develop a membership platform, where all members can find each other, search keywords related to locations and interests. The platform is under development as part of our Global App and will be made available to new members.

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Sending employees abroad? Welcoming international staff? always looking to connect and partner with like-minded organisations and individuals Here we are is a growing network of global professionals advancing the dual career opportunity

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