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Professional on the move? Expatriate spouse? Traveling partner? Returnee?
Moving across boarders to learn, work or volunteer?
Join us so we can grow together.

What we offer

Online and offline you will find a number of free membership options:

1) Brows our blog for new inspiration.
Meet our members. Learn more about our partners. See how other traveling partners find ways to learn, work or volunteer while on the move.

2) Want inspiration sent directly to your mailbox?
Sign up for our newsletter for bi-monthly news about the development of our community. Newsletters also include links to new blogposts and other inspirational sources.

3) Participate in local chapter events and activities.
A local chapter might ask you to pay for your own coffee, but other than that a local chapter membership is free of charge. Find a local chapter and contact our local teams to learn more.
Not a local chapter near you yet? Consider starting your own. We are here to assist you!

Join us for personal development and new co-created opportunities

We are her to seek the opportunities that come with a life abroad. Together we co-create new opportunities, find ways to develop and employ personal and professional skills while on the move. And as we grow, we create value – for each other and for others.

When you join us with a Premium Global Membership we ask for a membership fee and give you a number of membership benefits:

1) Life in brighter colours
Design your global development path with here we are global’s competence matrix and workbook (e-book).

2) Make the most of your international adventure
Find new ways to tell your global story and promote your personal and professional brand at home or abroad with our global professional CV guide (e-book).

3) Connect with relevant Key Resource Persons
Our community is full of like minded global professionals and traveling partners on the move. Members are always free to reach out and connect with each other to create support systems locally and globally. As part of a Premium Global Membership we help you grow your network by  facilitating the connections to at least two Key Resource Persons relevant to your profession and/or location.

4) Opportunity board
Here we are global partner up with local and global organisations to co-create new opportunities to learn, work or volunteer while on the move. Opportunities are shared on our opportunity board and contact to relevant partners are facilitated for members.

5) Webinars
To connect and inspire across boarders we host a minimum of three webinars a year. Webinars are used to  share success stories, dive into the different dimensions of the here we are Competency Matrix and share new inspiration from how to co-create valuable lives on the move.

6) 1-1- support at discounted rates
Here we are global is here to support you on your journey. Sometimes, however, you might feel the need for more professional and individual support. For this situation our community includes a list of transition and stress coaches as well a career counselors offering 1-1 support. Members are offered a minimum of 10% discount on 1-1 global pathway guidance.

7) Competency Matrix Certification at a discounted rate
Want to dive into the creation of a global development path even more? We are planning to offer training and certification in the here we are Competency Matrix. Members will be offered a 25% discount on the Competency Matrix Certification. The Certification is in development – first class ready medio 2019.

First year membership is priced at Euro 95.
After the first year, yearly membership renewal is priced at Euro 45.

Get the personal support you need when you need it

Our belief is that the joys and challenges of an international assignment are best understood and supported when shared with people with first hand knowledge of this style of living.

Here we are global is here to support you on your journey. Sometime however you might feel the need for more professional and individual support. For this situation our community includes a list of transition and stress coaches as well a career counsellors who offering 1-1 support. Contact us to learn more.

Please notice that discounted rates for 1-1 support are included in our Premium Global membership.l

Why join here we are global?

Increase your employability
Take charge of your global development path and seek ways to sustain and develop your professional identity while on the move. Together we seek new opportunities – and help each other prepare for new job markets, internationally, abroad and at home.

Expand your network
Tap into the energy and creativity of our members from a vast field of professional and geographical areas. Join or establish  local or online teams to share skills and knowledge and try out new ideas. Support and motivation guaranteed!

Help us develop our network. Use your skills and develop new ones while helping os develop a global platform, become a key resource person and support other traveling professionals on the move, start a new local team or help out in an excising network. The possibilities are endless. We are all here to engage and contribute

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