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Sending employees abroad? Welcoming international staff? Looking for global professionals already out there?

Here we are
is always looking to connect with companies and organisations that wish to hire global professionals or send employees on global assignments.

Also here we are is looking to connect with local HR partners, social business and NGO’s in the countries our members live.

Please contact us to learn more on how to engage and contribute!

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Global HR professional and Founder Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen:

Why partner with here we are?

  • Make sure accompanying partners feel engage and motivated
    In a new location, a job and colleagues are awaiting your employees, whereas their partners have to create a world for themselves. Our network can support them by providing contacts to local and international professionals from different sectors. With a profile on our platform, your employees’ partners can be identified by local and global organisations, get inspired, contribute, find new opportunities and make sense of life abroad. Happy partners = happy employees!
  • Source talent on location
    Use our database to find professionals with international experience currently based in your country. Offer them a short or long term assignment or volunteer task, create a win-win situation that allows you to benefit from their experience and skills and them to sustain a professional identity while abroad.
  • Social impact integrated in mindful mobility
    Here we are brings professionals closer to opportunities that help them develop and contribute while accompanying their partners on international assignments. We create a community connected through online networking as well as local events. We offer peer support, knowledge sharing and we address the challenges of transition. Our goal is to build capacity and share competencies that will create value for employees, partners, your organisation and societies alike.

    We offer:
  • Support and inspiration from a global network from day 1
  • Pit stops: Customised sessions on preparing for
    assignment, networking, professional and personal
    development, CV workshop, transition with or without
    family, inter-cultural understanding and preparation for
    end of assignment.
  • Personal competency matrix and workbook that enables partners to take conscious professional choices.
  • 1-1 counselling, assesment and individualised support to ensure assignment
    success from decision to end of assignment.
  • Certification in the here we are competency matrix enabling HR and mobility consultants to guide assignees and families before, during and at end of assignment.Let us team up to open global opportunities for your employees and partners!

What our partners say about here we are?

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