Pit stops

14x4brede_illus_web-09To ensure maximum optimisation of the here we are membership a series of face-to-face meetings and group sessions can be scheduled as per the need and availability of your organisation.

‘Pitstops’ indicate that the sessions are opportunities to take a break and refuel energy for the transition period ahead. Some examples:

1) Embarking on a new development path. Inspiration and Motivation by here we are members

2) Mastering a global assignment. Awareness and Reflection by selected providers within cross-cultural training, global leadership/ transition support, career coaching, etc.

3) Broadening opportunities. Planning and Action. Open session with organisations and companies providing opportunities for short and long-term assignments – locally and long distance based.

4) Returning from international assignment. An online or face to face session to prepare for end of assignment and re-entering the domestic job market.

Pitstops can be included in a global mobility program tailored to a corporate member.

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