What our members say

“In the present, with the dynamics of everyday life, a network is an irreplaceable tool to manage daily challenges better – and at the same time be more efficient. Being in a new situation, one can face a variety of doubts and questions. Networks help sharing experiences/ thoughts of the people that were in similar situations with similar problems. Networking is a very useful way of exploring new opportunities. The time invested on growing your network returns multiple times.

A global network like here we are is a place to find possibilities for both private as well as professional growth and expanding your opportunities. The old saying goes: If you don`t knock the door it will not open, as in anything in life one has to actively give it a try and participate. And results will come sooner or later in the most satisfactory way.”

Elgina Kamil Thomsen, Physician. Currently living
in Copenhagen, previously posted to Japan

First of all I would like to thank you for establishing HWA and for offering the opportunity to attend the meetings! The women, their stories and their talents have inspired me so much, that I finally took the courage and the energy to relight my professional drive and before leaving the country I organized a public training here in Kenya.

Gabi Galambvari, member of here we are’s local chapter in Nairobi Kenya

” Connecting with a group of global professionals in my new country not only provided opportunities for jobs in areas I never imagined. It also inspired me greatly and showed a new direction career wise.
I got valuable feedback on my CV to make it appealing and competency based. The structured networking led me to interviews and opened new and exciting opportunities for me.
Peter Leth Jensen, Teacher,
traveling from Denmark
“Getting involved with here we are has been a great way to develop professionally, meet fellow professionals, help in the professional development of others, and hear about work opportunities. I found my first paid job by being alerted to a job opening by a fellow here we are member.
I contributed to the network by preparing and delivering a presentation on what is ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’ and how to develop a career in it. I also benefited greatly from attending meetings, presentations and workshops by members and invited guests. Here we are is a great way to contribute to the community, whilst developing professionally yourself.”
Symon Lord, Independent Development Consultant,
traveling from the UK
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