Omnia mea mecum porto!

All that is mine I carry with me”.. A thoughtful sentence from ancient Greece that might inspire us still today.

The quote from Cicero also translates into ’My wisdom is my greatest wealth’. In the course of a life time, material possessions may be lost but the knowledge, experience and memories remain. And these non-material assets may be the really true things to treasure.

The virtue of sharing
Moving across cultures and borders is nothing new. The circumstances and reasons for people to leave their home country are many. To this day, leaving your old life and support network behind can cause tremendous pain. The circumstances and speed of things can leave people lost in translation.

No matter the conditions, the ‘package’ or the reason for a move; one common ground to be found for today’s nomads is to treasure and nurture the joy of learning.

Whether you are a university professor fleeing from war or a physiotherapist moving to a new country. A graphic designer exploring another continent or a young professional aspiring to conquer the world. What we share is a growth mindset that can ultimately become the key to new opportunities and long lasting bonds between people.

Work, learn or volunteer
As a platform for global professionals on the move, here we are global connects individuals and organisations around personal and professional development.

Co-creating a forum for building and sharing knowledge, skills and competencies, we aspire to form a joint space for everyone to release their potential and get those ideas turned into reality.

Continue your education. Become an entrepreneur. Build the capacity of others – or find that dream job. But above all; nurture and share that precious luggage!


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