Join the jam!

A soft tune from the keyboard opens the session. Next joins the bass with a steady rhythm to invite other players to join the fun. Enter drums and saxophone. And from then on it all becomes a piece of art and pure celebration of life!

On Saturday I attended the annual jazz festival in Bishkek. Ethnojazz as the organisers prefer to call the event that sees musicians from the US, Europe and Central Asia come together to create moments of magic.

At the German Steinbrau, listening to Anthony Stance and the Crucial Elements from Michigan and global friends, it struck me that the gathering of international musicians and a just as international audience is an ultimate symbol of co-creation.

That moment when the band and audience unite in the love of jazz and funk, trumpets, beats and “wuu-huu’s”. The crowd answers back in excitement and the place turns into a dance floor. No one is leading and everyone is leading (quote: Jordan, the percussionist).

Going with the flow
You may call it stretched. But in many ways the organic evolvement of our here we are network resembles an all inspiring and invigorating jam session. Equal elements of chaos and order. Leaving things for themselves to happen and shaping the framework to meet the exact needs of global professionals. From Nairobi to Ohio. Copenhagen to Dhaka. With support from London, Kathmandu and Karachi. We fine tune and develop a network that will have lasting impact and create meaning for a broader crowd.

Each member is bringing his or her own talent to the group. What unites us is the love of traveling, exploring and creating change across borders. The affection for connecting good people and sharing the resources we bring from country to country.

You may contribute for a while. Step back to reflect and bring your focus elsewhere. Chip in. Share an idea. Go all in and join our global start up team. Or you may follow us from a distance – and perhaps join the party later..

All that ethnojazz!

Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen is a Global HR professional and the founder of here we are.


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