We may look different – but we are very much alive

Did you notice a change in our web-look?
here we are
is in process, undergoing great development leaps as we speak.

Right now we are preparing for introductions and pitstops in Copenhagen in June. We are giving the webpage a new look. We are developing a new interactive platform for global professionals on the move.

All of this is happening in cooperation between global professionals currently living in Nairobi, Dhaka, San Francisco, Cleveland, Bishkek and Copenhagen.

This is fun. This is co-creation. This is making sense of life abroad. This is what here we are is all about.

We work together across continents, time zones and locations to co-create new opportunities for expatriated partners. We are building a network and developing a platform where global professionals can learn and share, maintain a professional identity, seek new opportunities and create meaningful expatriations.

We are very excited. We can’t wait to present here we are to our future members, meet you and invite you to join us in developing this creative global network to make it look and feel even greater.

We hope you like our new look.
Come join the fun.


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