A new dual career narrative

Here we are has set out to disrupt the way we talk about, the way we address and the way we explore the value of dual global careers. When two persons make a joint decision to live in another country, we see it as an opportunity for both to grow as persons and create value – for each other and for others.

Both the person with a contract and the partner without a clear cut job situation will need a sound foundation to start from. To build a support network, find a sense of purpose and maintain energy throughout the stay.

Language matters

Many articles and surveys discuss the problems related to dual careers. It is an issue that some postings are hard to fill because of the employee’s reluctance to accept an assignment. The accompanying partner is labeled as some one tagging along, a trailing spouse, a person that needs special attention. Even an obstacle. A problem.

To us it is time to rewrite this story. To level out the odds. To reinvent the identity of an accompanying partner and talk about how we as globally minded persons at equal terms can make the most of our international experience.

A shift in perspective

By creating a network of global professionals we also wish to challenge the traditional perception of expats as a kind of social elite that do not necessarily engage much with the local community. We are more inclined towards the new notion of nextpats as described in The Telegraph article from September 2015:

Next-Pats are transnational – rooted in their home country and also in the communities they adopt…They care equally about global and local issues with 83pc feeling strongly about poverty in less developed countries and homelessness in their own country, and 81pc getting involved in local activities.

For the accompanying partner this translates to a movement towards a new and more current identity as a travelling partner and global professional. A conscious global nomad. A movement from looking at setbacks and deprivation to embracing achievements and opportunities. From charity work to synergies and shared competencies. We are occupying the front seat and taking charge of a global development path.

We call our network a platform for global professionals on the move. Towards a career change. A new country. A new identity. A new story where couples and individuals engage and contribute. Share skills and competencies. A network where everyone is invited to make a difference and create circles of change.

Join us!

Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen is a Global HR professional and the founder of here we are.

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