Introducing here we are Ethiopia

Here we are Ethiopia consists of around 30 persons of different nationalities and professional backgrounds. Our objective is to share information and contacts within the network to facilitate the group members professional ideas and opportunities. The network was initiated by Sibylle Newman, and was included into the here we are family this year. The start up team also includes Lars Lundin and Sophie Welie.

Octobers meeting at Heineken

On the 26th of October 2017 here we are Ethiopia had its first meeting for the season. Since last year we´ve had a guest speaker at our monthly meetings speaking about subjects of interest to the group. This time around we were invited to Heineken.

Mr Yamlak Minassae (Senior Brand Manager-Walia) spoke about the launching of the Walia campaign and the beer company’s marketing strategies in Ethiopia. Walia is a new beer brand introduced in 2014 by Heineken to take market shares in the continually expanding Ethiopian beer market. Mr Minassae’s appreciated presentation gave many interesting insights regarding opportunities and challenges of international companies in the Ethiopian market.

Here we are Ethiopia’s data analyst Sophie van Welie has conducted a survey regarding the group member’s qualifications and professional expectations. She ended this month’s meeting by making a short presentation of the survey´s results and pointed out the many professional connections between the different group members.

If you have any questions regarding the network and our activities, you are welcome to contact here we are Ethiopia:


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