How to find location independent jobs

The time where you would need to live within reasonable commuting distance from your workplace is over. Many tasks can be done using just a laptop with an internet connection, and you are able to work from home – wherever this might be at the moment. The amount of location independent jobs is on the rise as more people explore new work-life opportunities, often where more traveling and flexibility is a fundamental part.

What kind of tasks can I do?

Perhaps you are wondering: Can you work from anywhere? And how do I get started? An easy way to try out the location independent lifestyle would be to have a look at your current job. Even though you are moving away there might still be a possibility for you to stay on board. Asking your manager to keep working as a full time remote employee or perhaps doing freelance online tasks for the company, would be a great opportunity to stay connected to your workplace and colleagues.

Another option is to look online for location independent jobs. There are a lot of useful resources both for actual job postings and inspiration for various ways of using your skills. After living 12 months as a digital nomad, I would like to share with you the best resources I have found out there.

Disclaimer: Please note that these blogs and resources are not mine and I have credited the author or source for each. I don’t get paid to promote them and the content on them is not endorsed by here we are.

Find inspiration

Although targeting solo-traveling women and female entrepreneurs Digital Nomad Girls is a great place to get inspiration, if you are exploring your opportunities. The site has interviewed 50 women about their online jobs, and how they ended up doing what they do. The topics cover events, teaching, tech, travel industry and writing.

Another great post with examples of location independent careers is The Ultimate list of Digital Nomad Jobs posted by Chris the Freelancer, a location independent freelancer giving tips on how to get started.

Remote job boards

Another great resource is Mike Kol Adam, who compiled a list of remote job sites for jobs such as Programming, Design, Copywriting, Customer Support, Marketing and Management. He is running his own Facebook group, posting job openings at The Remote Work Group For Digital Nomads.

The site Las Morenas de España is also a good resource for expats and travelers. They recommend websites that post remote jobs.

And finally, your approach could be to start out by learning more about the type of businesses that offer remote work. Forbes recently published at list of 100 companies that offered remote jobs in 2017. Maybe one of them have a location independent job just right for you. Happy job hunting, where ever you are.

Today’s blog post is written by Tanja Blicher, here we are’s Key Resource Person on location independent work. Tanja is currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has traveled the world as a digital nomad for 12 months.


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