February 2018 – here to lead and challenge yourself

Do you have a dream? Then it’s time to set goals, make a roadmap and achieve your dream. Because we should all dare to dream – and conquer ourselves.

In February our local chapter in Warsaw Poland invited members on an inspiring journey of dreams come true.  Jaco Ottink from Beyond Summits started the meeting with a nerve wrecking story about climbing a steep mountain, all the way to the top of Mount Everest.

Jaco’s climbing expedition is an inspiring story about learning how to manage and overcome several serious challenges along the way, and ultimately turning a lifelong dream into reality.

After the presentation, Jaco led the group through a 7-step workshop on how to set ourselves a goal that is beyond our current capabilities, and how to then go about setting the wheels in motion to achieve it. The workshop was a short version of a 1-3 day workshop Jaco now offers to teams and business leaders in his new quest: Inspire 1 million people to fulfill their dreams.

Learn more about the 7-step process in the following. If you want to know more, please reach out to Jaco, but for now feel free to try his short introduction and walk the 7 steps.

You will need at pen and paper. Also, this process works best if you work with a partner, a friend or someone from your network. So find someone you feel comfortable sharing your dream with, who can at the same time get a change to share his or her dream with you.

Reminding ourselves that it’s important to go outside our comfort zones and challenging ourselves is really important.  And being around others who want to do that too, even though their challenges may be completely different than our own, is a great motivator!”  (Shari Brienza)

The 7 steps

The steps are: Believe you can, Define roadmap, Preparation is key to success, Persist, Focus and stay on course, Support and Conquer yourself.

Start on your 7-step journey: Dare to Dream
Take three minutes to think about your dream. Also think about your why. Why do you have this dream? What is your motivation? Write it down and share it with at friend.

Step 1: Believe you can
Share your hopes as well as concerns, tell your friend why you will succeed and why you might not succeed, what might stand in your way? Let your friend reflect on your believes, especially the why nots, question them and together look for ways to overcome what might be in your way. Make notes on why and how you will succeed.

Step 2 and 3: Define roadmap and prepare for success
Write down three milestone, three things you need to do to make your dream come true. Share them with your friend.

Step 4 and 5: Persist and stay on course
Talk to your friend about setbacks you might face while working on your milestones. How can and will your deal with these? Make notes on why and how you will succeed.

Step 6: Find support
Draw a circle, write your name in the center.
Draw a bigger circle around the first one. Write down the names of supportive people that are close to you.

Draw a 3rd circle around the first two. Write down the names of people you know, that are in your network, who you think might be relevant and useful, people that can guide you, help you and support you as you start making your dream come true.

Step 7: Conquer yourself
Look at your paper. You now have a dream, a draft plan, enablers and reasons for why you can achieve it. So now it’s time to make it happen. Let’s conquer yourself.

And ask your friend to follow up.
The friend or partner you worked with today now knows your dream as well as your plan. Ask that friend to get back to you once in a while, follow up, ask how you are doing and help you overcome whatever obstacle might be standing in your way.

So go grab your dream and live it

If you would like to learn more about here we are Poland, please contact our Poland Focal Points at: poland@hereweareglobal.com, also if you are in Poland and would like information about the local Chapters upcoming meetings and events, please look for here we are Poland’s closed group on Facebook.

Thank you Jaco for walking our Poland Chapter through the steps, and for being a great inspiration for all.


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