Celebrating the development of a global network by honouring the beginning

Sometimes you have to stop and enjoy the moment and celebrate your success. This week here we are global had the chance to do just that –  in Bishkek –  where it all started.

When here we are was first initiated a few years back, it was a lean startup, a small prototype of a network group for global professionals on the move. A group of people met because they shared a wish to develop professionally while living abroad, so they created a forum to discuss, learn and share knowledge.

The initial prototype has developed a lot since then, in Bishkek and globally. The prototype became here we are Bishkek, founded by Jannie Skov-Hansen and Nasima Karim. While Nasima stayed in Kyrgyzstan and is still today running our local chapter here, Jannie relocated and also moved on to develop here we are global, a community that is continually growing and reaching new locations.

As we speak we have City and Country Focal Points in more than 15 countries and a number of locations have developed large local network groups with monthly and quarterly meetings with anywhere from 10-60 participants. We are proud of all our members, focal points and partners who make the initial idea of a professional network for global professionals sharing a growth mindset an evolving and successful community of nextpats.

Making your International Stay a Life Time Experience

This week Nasima and Jannie were able to reconnect and co-host a network meeting for young and experienced professionals currently located in Bishkek. It was a great opportunity for Jannie to reconnect with members who helped build the initial network prototype as well as meet new members currently living in Kyrgyzstan.

Together the group used the here we are Competency Matrix to discuss personal and professional development paths and ways to make and international stay a life time opportunity for growth. In an interactive session the group gave valuable input to how and where the tools and services of our platform can be further refined. An excellent opportunity to practice co-creation and cherish the magic of meeting across life trajectories!

Please learn more about this weeks meeting on here we are Bishkek’s Communication Manager Sohaila Pirani’s  Facebook page

Thank you to all the members who participated in Bishkek this week – both the members who have been with us from the beginning and the members who have joined us since. Please stay engaged, and let us continue the development of our community of global professionals together.

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