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Do you know someone moving abroad over the summer? Let him know that there is a growing network to support him in his life choices. Is your friend about to pack and excited to start a new life in another country? Let her know that here we are global can help her in finding opportunities to learn, work or volunteer.

At here we are global we share the excitement of moving across borders. The world lies open and an abundance of opportunities are there to be seized. Memories to be made. We also know that the next moment may be filled with anxiety and zillions of questions. How to make the best use of my time? How can I engage myself in meaningful activities? How to stay professional on the move – and who can help me?

For these exact reasons, our network is here to guide global nomads on their development path. We do so in a number of ways.

 Join a local country or city team – or create one yourself!

By teaming up with likeminded persons sharing a growth mindset, magic can happen. We have seen this materialised in the teams currently running activities and between people meeting up on 1-1 basis to share ideas on opportunities.

The unifying factor is that here we are global members take an interest in helping each other and in that way open new doors. As the saying goes; If you do not knock the door, it will not open. By initiating or taking part in organising meet ups and events we project yourselves as resourceful and empowered individuals. We maintain our professional identity and stay in the zone of development. Also outside the home.

Join a virtual team – according to your talent and passion

If the next place is not likely to offer many options for physical interaction, our network also operates in a virtual setting. We are gathering people across countries to work on ‘passion projects’. As an example, we have a Communication team working across x time zones. A Social Impact Team developing collaboration and many more things cooking. Just waiting for more engaged people to chip in.

Take conscious choices – and broadcast yourself

In short, it is about thinking carefully about how a stay abroad will add value. At a personal level. Personally and professionally. And for the society we are lucky to be part of for a shorter or longer period. We offer a platform from which our members can tell the world about their talent and learn from others along the way. We call ourselves conscious global nomads. Drop us a note and find ways to engage and contribute at

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