Global outlook – if you have it – show it!

Is it important to have a global outlook? Many international companies and organisations seem to think that it is. They value employees that have been exposed to other cultures. Looking at job postings, you will find words like global mindset, intercultural collaboration and international experience. The variations are many but they all refer to a similar need: we live in an international world, and most employers need employees that are able to communicate and cooperate with co-workers, suppliers, consumers and partners from other countries and cultures.

When you are reading this blogpost, there is a good chance you have what they are looking for already; the global outlook. The ability to change your setting and explore life in another country. The interest in learning a new language. The aspiration to work with people from other cultures. The capacity to understand alternative perspectives and co-create new opportunities in a global setting. But the fact that you know you have it, is not always enough. It is very likely that a future employer or business partner wants to see how you have developed it and used it to create results.

Our community of global professionals aims to offer exactly this opportunity for enhancing your global outlook, use the skills you already have, develop them further and create results that will make your global outlook a documented advantage in the further development of your professional career. Here are three modalities for a start.

Virtual collaboration

With the abundance of tools and platforms available, you have every opportunity to exercise your virtual team work muscles. Why not join a virtual team and become comfortable using tools like Skype, Zoom, Slack, Trello and Yammer? Test your skills as a global moderator and explore the best ways to run a group meeting online. Find ways to ensure engagement and avoid miscommunication when participants are situated in 5 places across the globe. By practicing ways of virtual collaboration, you will gain valuable experience, and get real life examples to share in your next job interview or business presentation.

At here we are global we collaborate in communities of practice . There are a number of ways you can engage, in our communication team, social impact team and as a Focal point. And we are always interested in expanding the ways we collaborate across local and global chapters, so if you have specific interests or other ways you want to engage, please always feel welcome to initiate a few forum.

Long distance learn, work and volunteer opportunities

Finding options to learn, work or volunteer are at the core of what we offer global professionals. At our Opportunity Board you will find that very few barriers exist for you to find meaningful engagement – also if your local situation proves difficult. In our blogpost: how to find location independent jobs you can find inspiration on how to take a new look at your profession and seek online opportunities. Or how about using virtual volunteering as a way to build your skills set? All you need is (occasional) wifi connection and the determination to support a social business or NGO. See Professionals doing Good and start today!

Building capacity of young global professionals

A third way to project yourself as a global citizen or next-pat – is to help a young professional in his/her global development path. Become a mentor. Offer yourself as a guest speaker at a local university. Join a panel. Establish a panel discussion! Or simply support initiatives that foster young people’s development as globally oriented citizens. Want to share your skills within the network, let us know if you would like to make yourself available as a Key Resource Person, so other members can contact you for mutual inspiration and support while developing their international development path.

More ideas? We are all ears. Drop us a line at if you have other ideas for how we can further promote a global outlook when we are visitors in a foreign country – and when back home.

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