Here we are global and VIE LESA excited to be teaming up

We are happy to share that here we are global is teaming up with VIE LESA in Vienna and hence have two new Focal Points in Austria.

It only took few minutes over the phone for Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen, Founder of Here we are global, and Verena Heingärtner, President of VIE LESA, to see that both networks share a similar mission – to inspire, support and connect global professionals on opportunities related to dual careers, career transition and social impact.

VIE LESA – short for Vienna Local Expatriate Spouse Association – was founded as a non-profit association in autumn 2017 to help expat spouses re-building their life and *career* in Vienna/Austria. Sounds simple, sounds logical…but having lived abroad as expat partners for many years (or in Sandra Glück-Taglieber’s case still living abroad in Brussels/Belgium), both founders know from their own experience that there is more than one challenge when it comes to dual career(s).

In our globalised world, work structures are becoming even more international and interconnected, flexible and at the same time more complex. Work-life-family-society are no longer separate “spheres” but interdepending with positive spill over effects and benefits on each over when in harmony. Thus, the challenge for companies, business locations (such as Vienna) and in Human Resources in general will be to develop spouse and family friendly human resources policies and opportunities to maintain and improve their competitive advantage.

Both networks – Here we are global and VIE LESA – are convinced that by teamwork, joining forces and connecting liked-minded global professionals, we can support this process, further advance dual career opportunities and co-create social impact.

For example: Here we are global offers a list of global mobility services including a global mobility program tailored to its members needs. VIE LESA has developed a workshop cycle – a tailored mix of individual coaching, Expert talks and group training – to enable expat partners to find their very own career path in Vienna/Austria. Together we can learn from each other, share competences and unleash potential for opportunities, ideas and change!

Stay tuned to find out more about our partnership and our new focal point in Vienna/Austria online at here we are global and VIE LESA.

Faces behind VIE LESA


Verena Heingärtner
Without Verena there would not be MTL LESA (Montreal Local Expatriate Spouse Association) and there would not be the vision of VIE LESA. Verena is the best spokeswoman and networking professional we could hope for. She is our driving force who manages to combine diplomacy with being hands-on, a thorough business lady with being a caring friend with an open ear. Strategic consultant and spontaneous idealist, Verena is it all and more. Aviation lawyer and accredited mediator by education and profession, make-up artist and expat spouse consultant by heart. Verena lives in Vienna and commutes to Paris on the week-end where her Austrian husband is heading an aviation organization.

Sandra Glück-Taglieber

Sandra is our strategic think-tank. She manages to throw in creative ideas in our brainstorming sessions and at the same time keep a “master” view and pencil down a realistic action plan afterwards. Sandra loves to draft and shape concepts and to match text and pictures to bring across ideas.  Living abroad ever since she finished her studies in Vienna, Sandra gained first-hand experience in almost every expat spouse set up and brings in her expertise in communications, training and HR. Having moved from the United Arab Emirates to Croatia and Canada, she now lives in Brussels with her husband working for the European Parliament and their 3-year-old son Constantin.

And this is our Story:
Once upon a time in Montreal, we got to know each other over a couple of good coffees and soon after the idea of MTL LESA (Montreal Local Expatriate Spouse Association) was born. Even though we are no longer in Canada but spread around the world again, the seed planted back then has continued to grow and become an important network partner of organizations such as the International Civil Aviation Organization and Montreal International.…and a few years later, again over a couple of good coffees, we have decided it’s time for VIE LESA!


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