September 2018 – Your Personal Brand



Ania Jakubowski spoke at this very thought-provoking session about the elements that together build your Personal Brand. How do you introduce yourself in one word? Next time you meet someone, don’t ask: “so what do you do?” instead inquire: “tell me about yourself”.

Learning:  We learnt how to think about Personal Branding. Change our mindset about the future of work and retirement. You only need 10,000 hours to master a new skill. Go and learn a new skill and create your “portfolio career”.

Feedback and highlights from this session:

  • “Ania’s energy engaged me and the content she presented was both substantive and interactive”
  • “The speaker and the theme of the session prompted me to think about the WAY I communicate and reach out to others both professionally and socially, thoroughly enjoyable morning, which is given me lots to reflect on”
  • “Great speaker, very inspiring presentation I think that it is the best thing that happened to me and I am very happy to come to each session”.

Hosted by: Brainembassy

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