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We are happy to announce a new partnership between Homestead Denmark and here we are global.

Homestead assists international expats and their accompanying families moving to Denmark, with settling into their new lives quickly and with ease. As partners we will co-create and provide the necessary tools for a smooth relocation and the development of new opportunities. We look very much forward to our cooperation.

It is my pleasure to work along-side Jannie Skov-Hansen and here we are globals’ team here in Denmark. I believe this partnership will ensure a softer adjustment phase for international transfers and their families says Laura Wintemute Founder of Homestead.

Homestead was founded and is run by Laura Wintemute, a Canadian who have called Denmark home for more than 10 years now. Laura has experiences firsthand what it’s like to move to Denmark, learn the language, build a new network, adjust to a new business culture and settle in with the Danes.

After working in global mobility for a number of years, Laura decided to start Homestead, because she saw a gap in between what most relocation companies offer and what traveling professionals need. So Homestead is not a relocation company, rather Homestead takes over where most relocation agents leave off.

Most traveling families want to settle as fast as possible when moving to a new country. And a relocation company will provide help the first month or so, making sure all the initial practicalities are taken care of. However, we also know that many expats experience a difficult time 3-4 months after moving to a new country. You are ready to settle but then reality kicks in. Where to go then? You don’t always want to bother your colleagues or keep calling the HR department. Instead the answer is Homestead – a team of friendly fellow expats who are there to help answer you questions and settle in quickly and with ease.

I am extremely happy that we can partner up with Homestead Denmark says Jannie Skov-Hansen Founder of here we are global. Here we are global and our Danish team is here to co-create professional opportunities for global professionals on the move. Our partnership with Homestead is a great expansion of our personal and professional support system for our Danish members.

Learn more about Homestead on the web.

If you are a global professional and traveling partner located in Denmark, please also make sure to find here we are Denmark on LinkedIn.

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