We are happy to announce a new partnership between Goodwings and here we are global.

Here we are global is looking for opportunities for global professionals to learn, work and volunteer while on the move. Goodwings is looking for volunteers/ambassadors who can support the company’s work towards a more sustainable way of travelling.

Goodwings is an exciting Danish start up, a hotel portal, supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Every year, the travel industry spends billions on marketing and advertising. Goodwings don’t. Instead, Goodwings redirect half of their commission on every hotel booking to NGO partners creating a sustainable future for humans, animals, and the environment.

Everyone can book hotels at However, Goodwings mainly focuses on corporate clients who want to travel the world better. Typically the company chooses one NGO whom they want to support and get regular updates from. Goodwings makes it possible for a company to e.g. build a school for children in need just by booking hotels via without any extra costs.

The vision of Goodwings started in 2015. And already in April 2016 Goodwings got their 12 first NGO partnerships and the first 50 companies endorsed Goodwings.  In September 2016 Goodwings established a partnership with the global hotel provider Expedia giving access to 365.000 hotels worldwide. In November 2016 Goodwings’ hotel platform goes live. Donations to the NGOs start rolling in. By October 2017 Goodwings reaches the milestone of 200 clients – each of them working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals by traveling the world better.

Here we are global members will from now on find volunteer opportunities from Goodwings on the global opportunity board. If you do not have access to the opportunity board please contact us for more information.

Also please sign up for here we are globals newsletter – next newsletter will be send our soon, at will include more information about Goodwings and the opportunity to become a Goodwings Ambassador.


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