Rewriting the story of global dual careers

Well into the 21st century, we still have one or two battles to fight. The world sees enormous challenges in terms of climate change, poverty and political instability. Gender inequality, unrest and atrocities in the news everyday. The HR issue of the dual career challenge is not exactly on top of the agenda – and we are well aware that there more pressing issues to attend to on a global scale.

Yet, we insist on writing a new story about the globally mobile workforce. A story of how the talent and compassion of this group can be released. At a recent event at the Forum for Expatriate Management Nordic Chapter in Copenhagen, we invited the participants to reflect on 3 assumptions around international assignments. Do they sound familiar?

1) International assignment: A career killer!
Taking a job in another country will lead to ‘out of sight, out of mind’. A partner’s career will suffer from a career break too.

2) Trailing spouses need help!
The loss of professional identity and ‘becoming the housewife I never wanted to be’ leads to suffering and pain. The partner becomes an object for special attention and support.

3) CV gap as a VOID!
The fear of the empty resume spot. Leaving a steady job and venturing into the global unknown equals RISK. Something to avoid.

What if?

Imagine the positive opposite:

1) Global deployment: An exciting opportunity for both!
To create value, learn and grow as persons in a mindful way. An international experience is an enriching phase of a sustainable career path.

2) Travelling partners are resourceful global nomads!
Next-pats caring for people and planet. Global professionals ready to engage and contribute. All we need is to team up to open opportunities and release the talent.

3) Relaunchers are the best WILD CARDS ever!
Building skills sets, expanding horizons, experimenting, playing and contributing. There is no such thing as a CV gap. There is life long learning and individuals who have taken conscious choices to live life in the most challenging way – in countries unlike their own.

Can we do this?

Our members across the globe is a living proof that we are doing it already. Creating a new narrative on global dual careers. A story of joyful exploration. A story of co-creation in which visionary HR companies see the potential in people that are resilient, agile and creative risk takers. Where start ups  and companies unite to make a difference.

We are excited to have even more join us on our journey. Bring your creativity to the table. Join us!

You are also always welcome to contact here we are global Founder Jannie Skov-Hansen to learn more about our mission and the solutions we offer:


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