Career Angels

We are happy to announce a new partnership between here we are global and Career Angels.

I am so happy to join the here we are global community as a global HR partner. It has been a pleasure getting to know here we are global’s values and mission through the work done by the very professional local chapter in Poland. I look very much forward to our further collaboration with here we are’s global community, 
says the founder of Career Angels Sandra Bichl.

Career Angels is an international career consulting boutique that provides tailor-made services to experienced professionals across the globe in their career management like:

  • identifying ideal career paths and designing strategic job searches
  • fine-tuning the personal branding – online & offline
  • preparing a winning CV and researching the market
  • recommending headhunters that will help ace interviews
  • securing career coaching by organised meetings with employers.

The founder Sandra Bichl has previously worked as an Executive Search Consultant for CEE both in Budapest and in Warsaw. But in 2010 she decided to started her own firm – a pioneer in delivering digital premium services to experienced managers and executives in their career management and job search in Europe.

As an expert in recruitment Sandra is also a regular guest lecturer for G/E/MBA students and alumni of leading business schools in Bruxelles, Milan, Vienna, London, Mannheim or Warsaw.

Sandra is known for transparently and openly sharing her expertise backed by research and data through books, publications and events like the initiative “Challenge Accepted“. She has lived and worked in 8 countries (Ecuador, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland) and speaks 6 languages.

Over the last almost 10 year Sandra has managed to build a team of almost 20 Career Angels. The angles represent 5 generations and are currently located in 7 cities. They all work online – from home offices. Please visit Career Angles webpage to learn much more about the services they provide.  

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