New Coaching Services at here we are global

We are super excited to share our progress regarding the development of our coaching services at Here We Are Global. In line with our vision to co-create opportunities on the move, we are reaching out to professional coaches that aspire to offer mindful mobility solutions to develop services to be offered globally. The coaching will be based on the here we are Competency Matrix, which is a unique tool designed to facilitate meaningful personal and professional development paths in a global setting. The services are equally relevant before moving abroad, while abroad and when moving on to a new location or home.


1: Coaching

Do you want discover how to develop your path while living abroad as a accompanying partner on the move? We provide 3 services of one-on-one coaching for the different phases in your life abroad:

 –Pre-assignment coaching:

To help discovering your path and possibilities in the host country.

 -(Re)discovering the value of your international adventure:

To help assessing your needs, circumstances and opportunities in the host country.

-End of assignment:

To help transitioning home by reevaluating your path, and supporting you for a smooth re-adaptation.

The  fee based services are provided by our HWAG path facilitator coaches, and each service consists of a package of three sessions via skype/zoom or face-to-face sessions – depending on the country.

For more information contact Jacqueline Straathof:

2: Certification

Building our circle of global development path coaches
We are now welcoming coaches around the world to take part in the certification as here we are global development path facilitators. As part of the pioneer group, you will have the chance to provide your input and help shape how we, as a global team, will offer mindful coaching services to people around the world.
To learn more about the process and set upplease reach out to Jacqueline, at jst@hereweareglobal.c

Introducing our leading global professional coach - Jacqueline Straathof

To spearhead our activities, Jacqueline Straathof has taken on the role as Project Manager for Coaching Business Development.

Jacqueline is from the Netherlands and has been living abroad for 5 years – first in Prague, and now in Warsaw. As a therapist and coach, Jacqueline had her own practice in Haarlem and Prague, working for companies and individuals. In Warsaw, Jacqueline is part of Here We Are Poland, a team of six dedicated professionals successfully running activities in its second year.

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