APRIL 2019 – Here to communicate

THANK YOU to all who joined our event, here to communicate.

Our three speakers shared their passion for writing, and elaborated on creativity and strategic framework for online presence. The different viewpoints and experiences helped us to formulate a personal approach to the subject. 

Special thanks to Margaret Ann Dowling from Create&Translate.org for co-hosting, and to Marta Milewska, Erica Jacobs Green and Urszula Wilk for sharing your stories and inspiring us.

The session focused on six key pillars of successful blogs: passion, content strategy, target market, digital tools, localization, and monetization. We learned that each pillar is essential to build your audience.

Margaret-Ann Dowling reminded us about the importance of testing the initial concepts in the digital world prior to starting a business.

six key pillars of successful blogs: passion, content strategy, target market, digital tools, localization, and monetization

Blogger and entrepreneur Marta Milewska shared valuable step-by-step strategy on how to create a successful blog, and educated us on localization – an essential tool for targeting a global audience.

Writer and editor Erica Jacobs Green presented her remarkable story about how her passion for writing and writers led her to build a successful literary event in a new country.

Social media entrepreneur Urszula Wilk shared her strategic toolbox with dos and don’ts for becoming a successful influencer with one’s blog, emphasizing the importance of initial strategy work and analytical tools.

You can find the presentation slides below:

We received some great feedback …

“Very informative. It made me think about how to convert my passion into content!

“Wonderful and inspirational. Finally got to listen to experts.”

“Good moderating and excellent speakers.

“It was perfect! Great topic and speakers! I am thinking about starting a blog, so it was really inspirational.”

“Thank you for the amazing experience! I already started to brainstorm on my blog and wrote half of my introduction already!”

… and great testimonials…

Thank you for being part of here we are Poland!

SAVE THE DATES: May 14 and June 13



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