Your global backing group

It is that time of the year. Summer means transition to quite a number of global citizens. We are here to say THANK YOU to all of you now saying farewell to your host countries and your fellow conscious nomads. Thank you for your contributions as Focal Points, speakers, project managers and supporters of our growing community. Think of here we are global as your steady back up group. The international network you carry with you.

We are here to support the transition

You are perhaps about to move to a new country – for the first or fourth time? You are perhaps well into your assignment – and pondering how to re-ignite your professional drive? Or you are perhaps about to move to your home country – or your new home country to be?

At here we are global we know the challenges coming with transition. We also know there is so much to discover and so many ways to develop in a global setting. In fact the real challenge is sometimes to select and de-select activities in order to truly find meaningfulness in your international stay.

You are invited!

Whatever your situation or country is – we welcome you to join our community. As your backing group, our commitment is to support each other and open opportunities to live the life that brings most possible spark and joy to you.

A safe space for creation

Our starting point is to find that sweet spot where you as a global nomad take the driver seat of your life. We help you visualise the story of your global development path. We invite you to reflect on the skills sets you need to maintain and develop and identify who can help you on your path. And most important; we invite you to dare to jump onto those first stepping stones towards your dream.

Our 1-1 facilitated support by experienced coaches is one way to embark on your journey. We guarantee that you will be in good hands with our START UP team building our certification in the here we are Competency Matrix. This powerful tool prompts you to deeply reflect on how you will spend your time and energy and manage expectations with yourself and your partner.

Alongside, we invite you to take action by joining our local and global teams and exercise your project management, communication and cross-cultural skills. We are now represented in 20 countries and our global teams include: coaching development, communication and marketing and social impact.

Perhaps you wish to initiate a new global team around your subject of interest? We are here to listen to your ideas!

Reach out to and let us co-create the next steps on your personal and professional development path!

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