HR Sandbox in Vienna

Sandra and Verena

We are super excited! Hosted in the recently opened Talent Garden Vienna, VIE LESA co-facilitated a great kick-off of “HR Sandbox goes Vienna” on 29 May 2019.

HR Sandbox is a new, invitation-only HR format. It was successfully introduced by here we are global in Copenhagen and offers an experimental and experiential (hands-on) space for considering, exploring, discussing, developing and sharing alternative approaches, innovative possibilities and best practices for today’s diverse, flexible, mobile, “portable” and digital talents.

Teaming up across sectors

In line with VIE LESA’s vision of connecting like-minded spirits, we gathered a dozen stakeholders – from academia, international organisations, HR professionals and reps from other topic-related associations – around one table (set up in form of a sandbox) to  *co-develop fresh, creative perspectives *co-create new, practical solutions for (Global) Dual Career(s) and Talent Management in Austria.

It was inspiring to see that everyone participating was open to share their expertise, insights, best practice, pain points etc. and interested in co-creating (even more) opportunities / turning dual career challenges into opportunities.

Moving forward together

After 1.5 hrs of intense brainstorming, we agreed this advocacy type of event should become a regular one to contribute writing a new dual career narrative in Vienna/Austria. And Talent Garden’s tables branded CHANGE – INNOVATE – SHARE – PROGRESS were perfect to capture the essence of the “outcome”.

To be continued….

Interested in joining the next “HR Sandbox goes Vienna” here we are global for our next invitation-only HR event? Drop us a line to

For here we are chpaters: Interested in hosting an HR Sandbox as well – we will add our slides in the Dropbox “Austria” – happy to share more details, contact us at

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