Career couple on the move? Share your story

At here we are global we know the added benefits of moving globally. We also know that global careers come with choices and dilemmas. Now is the time to explore how international career couples make it fly and how organisations can design their support for long term meaningful global careers.

Join our research

Paul Vanderbroeck and Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen are co-authoring a book on the dual career opportunity. With a joint background in HR and life experience from international assignments across the NGO, public and private sectors, Paul and Jannie will propose new ways for international career couples to design their development path and for organisations to support the very same.

We are inviting global professionals to participate in our online survey that will be online after the summer. We also invite you to contact us if you are interested in sharing your experience and inspire others to pursue international opportunities for the benefit of both.

Are you here to:

  • Inspire others to explore a global development path?
  • Share how you have made it work for both?
  • Encourage organisations to create more mindful mobility solutions?

Then reach out to us! Engage and contribute.

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