BIA – Business Idea Accelerator

  • Do you have a business idea or two but aren’t sure if they’re the right ones for you or where to start?
  • Do you want to create something for yourself but you don’t know what?

If you are in one of these two situations above, we have an exciting news! We have partnered with Tandem Nomads (the podcast show and entrepreneurship platform designed to help expats grow a successful portable business) to provide you a FREE WEBINAR.

“How To Find The Right Business Idea For YOU”

This webinar will be delivered by two renown experts in their fields:

During this free training, they will share with you the 10 steps you need to take when looking for a viable business idea that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

If you want to build something for yourself but are not sure what, or if you do have a few business ideas but are not sure what to do next, this webinar is specifically designed for you!

During this webinar, you will also learn about:

  • What are the questions you need to answer to figure out what you really want for yourself.
  • How to define what you are really good at and use your assets to start a business
  • What are the myths around entrepreneurship that need to be debunked.
  • How to go from ideas to developing a viable and profitable business. 
  • How to take action after this webinar and make it happen for you! 

If you have been doubting and struggling with your career, or if you are simply looking to explore your options, this is now the perfect time for you!

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