Testimonial – Sofie Vandewiele

Hello fellow world travelers,

My name is Sofie and I’m from Belgium. I graduated as a Primary School teacher, but life has taken me in a different direction.

What are you passionate about?

It’s a question I have been asking myself lately. Because here I am, in a different country, having to build up a new life again. But what has been the red line throughout my life?

I didn’t have to think hard about that one. I care about a blue and green planet. It makes me go beyond my limits. Even in the years I was a housewife, I started making my own eco friendly laundry detergents and cleaning materials.

I was so passionate about renewable energy and working towards a cleaner future. When I saw the opportunity to help build the first Belgian Solar Car, I grabbed it. I was the only female in a team of 15 people. 15 years later there is still a team that builds a solar car and this year for the first time, the Belgian team won the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

In 2009 I moved to the UAE. Whilst living in Abu Dhabi I was the Office and Event Manager of the BeNeLux Business Council. The council created a platform for Belgian, Luxembourg and Dutch companies. We organized events for the members to come together to network and learn about current affairs. I was responsible for event management, marketing, social media and sponsor, member, local government, and embassy relations. The UAE has many amazing projects and initiatives to help them adapt to a changing world whilst also looking for solutions to global warming.

During my time in Abu Dhabi, what amazed me the most, was all the powerful strong women I met.  Ministers, leaders, entrepreneurs and female Ambassadors. It opened my eyes to our possibilities and what can happen when women support other women.

And that is how I came with my second passion: women empowerment.  

I look forward to joining this wonderful global team in helping expats with their professional career. I have taken on the role of social media manager. I am very excited to start this new chapter of my professional career.

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