Support when you need it the most

Support when you need it the most




Life as an entrepreneur and life as a travelling partner has many similarities. Feeling supported by a global backing group can mean the world. Here is a glimpse of my life as a female founder working out of Copenhagen to enable joyful global careers.

My bags were packed and I was ready to go

This week I was supposed to facilitate a three day workshop for a diverse management team in the Middle East. In my first month focusing fully on developing here we are global and building global teams this was a tremendous opportunity. For me to contribute. To learn. And to help sustain our family as a consultant.

3 days before departure I learned that the workshop had to be postponed. No contract. No travel. No contribution this time. Name of the game. Yet – learnings to be gained. And as it were – a lot of wholehearted support came my way from the caring community that is here we are global.

The future belongs to the optimists

Remembering this inspiring comment from a male entrepreneur in Kyrgyzstan; Danyar Amanaliev – Founder of ololo, I decided to put on my optimist pants. What is there to learn for me here? How can I create something better from this situation?

I take a stand for seeing the opportunity in a global work life and promote flexible careers. Here is what I experienced and the actions I took to turn the cancellation into an opportunity.

  • 4 days open calendar : 4 days to build a mindful online programme on global transition and pursue more ways to create value for international career couples
  • Instead of spending my Sunday in the clouds: Accompanying my daughter to an all time feel good musical in the heart of Copenhagen: That ABBA feeling;)
  • Cancelled brunch networking meeting on location: Scheduled a mid-week online morning coffee.

Added fuel to a development journey

So how is my experience this week as a founder at all transferrable to work trotters, travelling/expat partners – or whatever term we prefer for global professionals on the move?

Well, first of all – there are no guarantees in life. Everything changes. What we can do is come back to the core of what it means to be a conscious global nomad. To stay focused on opportunities. To connect with likeminded positive people that uplift you, also in times of uncertainty. To uphold a growth mindset and always see challenges as invitations to reflect and learn. And ultimately take action towards staying expanded and joyful about a life with freedom to take action and create something better.

On a Monday in rainy Denmark

Here is to our thriving local groups and caring global professionals all over the world! You are the super troopers, our rocket fuel, igniting joyful and meaningful lives on the move. Seeing how you follow your hearts, create your own businesses and build your circles abroad is a true pleasure.

Stay tuned for the new programmes to help live the transition – no matter where you are and where you are headed!


Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen. Founder of here we are global. Optimist. Female entrepreneur. Here to build.



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