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New Partnership between Here We Are and Lulu Lab

We are excited to announce a new partnership between Here we are global and Lulu Lab to be rolled out in the coming months. This collaboration provides a unique opportunity to take up a role as Lulu Lab Ambassador while helping Lulu Lab to create positive social impact in your local community.
Lulu Lab is a Danish organisation developing educational games on taboos to make it easier to speak about difficult topics. The games cover Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights in East and West Africa, and Mental Health in Scandinavia. Lulu Lab’s digital educational games work online through Google Play store and offline on any device. Lulu Lab partner with NGOs to test and implement the game on Menstrual Hygiene in either a school or an after school. Visit Lulu Lab’s website to learn more about the organization, and to play their educational game on Menstrual Hygiene, Lulu’s Journey

“We are thrilled to become a part of the professional network of here we are global. HWA’s members have unique cultural insights of the countries where they are residing, and this partnership can enable Lulu Lab to reach and impact even more users with our games, in current and new cultural contexts. We are so excited to get started!”
Founders, Sally Gregersen and Mathilde Aaskjaer Christensen

Here we are global is a community of international professionals who seek the opportunities that come with life on the move. While creating new opportunities for ourselves, we also aim to create positive impact in our local context guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDG). Social impact is also an integrated part of our here we are Competency Matrix. The partnership between Lulu Lab and here we are global will strengthen our possibility to play a meaningful role in the communities we are part of.

Taking up the Lulu Lab Ambassador role will give members a chance to help Lulu Lab reach and impact adolescents in new countries. At the same time, it will help members to get a chance to grow their professional network and to gain new skills. This is a good opportunity to advance one’s career while abroad.
A more detailed description of the Ambassador role will be posted on the Opportunity Board so that members can show their interest in working together with Lulu Lab.

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