Here we are in Switzerland!

Here we are is a global community of professional travelling partners seeking opportunities abroad and supporting each other in initiating meaningful lives abroad. 

Now we are happy and proud to be opening our own chapter of the global community here in Switzerland! 

As Switzerland is ranked the most attractive country in the world for skilled workers, thousands of expats are coming to this alpine nation every year to work and live – both temporarily and permanently. 

While relocating to a new country is an adventure and can be a life changing experience for the whole family, it can also be challenging. Apart from leaving your family and friends and settling into a new place with all the small and large adjustments a transition like that will bring, it can be extra challenging for the ones who have left their jobs and put their careers on hold to accommodate their partner´s work. Many worry how the move will impact their professional career in the future. Will I find a new job here? Will I still be relevant if I take a break to support my family during the expat years?  

What Here we are Switzerland aims to do, is to create a collaborative space for travelling partners to continue to grow professionally. We want our members to take charge of their own development path and utilise the opportunities that come with a local and global network. 

Consequently, members join Here we are Switzerland because they want to continue developing their soft and hard skills. They want to keep on adding value to their resume, maintain a social connection and a positive mindset in their new setting.

So we encourage you to take charge of your own path and making use of the opportunities that comes with a professional global network –  and join us today!


 Ingvild, Yaëlle, Sophie and Sandrine
Here we are Switzerland Core team

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