New Partner: RelocateYourself

We are happy to announce a new partnership between here we are global and RelocateYourself.

RelocateYourself is an online platform that practically supports relocation and transitions from country to country for anyone, anywhere,  on any budget.

And the company’s Founder, Michele Bar-Pereg sees great potential in the collaboration ahead:

“Partnering up with “here we are global “ means that we.will have close access to the thinking and trends that occur when people are moving, considering moving abroad or wish to kick-start a change in their lifestyle and career by taking on the challenges of living in a new country.  We will develop a network of smart, like-minded people who are able to express how they feel about moving abroad,  their experiences and their own ideas about what is needed in the process.. 

For here we are global this is a great opportunity to invite members around the world to take up an important role that can also generate income:

“We are sure that many global professionals can relate to the need of having local knowledge and support, not only before and upon arrival but also in the first crucial weeks and months following a relocation. To use digital opportunities to make informed decisions  and gain knowledge about your new host country is very innovative. We fully support the vision of RelocateYourself to make relocation smarter and easier for all.

Founder, Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen

To learn more about becoming a ReloAngel and for easy application please visit  here we are Opportunity Board with details on requirements for ReloAngels

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