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We are excited to announce a new partnership between Here we are global and Teamstowork

Teamstowork™ software helps you increase team synergy, performance and engagement. Whether you are an HR professional, development consultant or otherwise interested in improving people’s ability to work together, the software strengthens your ability to improve teams and coach team leaders. Organizational success is increasingly based on the ability to work together, but most teams struggle to find appropriate solutions and adequate engagement. Teamstowork™ software helps you to successfully address these challenge

The approach turns team improvement around 180 degrees: Focusing on the team, not the individual. By applying principles from synergy arithmetic the software helps you analyze whether the degree to which a team is able to work together is less, equal to or greater than the sum of its parts. This provides invaluable information as to what needs to be strengthened, enabling you to address a team’s real challenges.

The ability to help teams succeed will continue to be an important deliverable. Teamstowork™ software provides a clear, real-time picture of a team’s performance and its subsequent progress, giving every opportunity for the team to improve. This increases both the team’s likelihood of success and its satisfaction with your help.

We are proud to become part of the Here We Are Global eco-system and look forward to forging meaningful relationships and to offering opportunities that emphasize collaboration, co-creation and insight into what it takes for everyone to shine just that little bit brighter – in any context or team.

                                Founder, Peter Neville


Here we are global is a community of international professionals who seek the opportunities that come with life on the move. While creating new professional opportunities, we work in teams, either locally or online. Engaging with Teamstowork enables us to further strengthen our activities and build our skillsets in collaboration with other team members. In the coming months we will introduce the software tool to all local chapters and invite members to possibly add the Teamstowork certification to their professional portfolio.

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