Here we are Belgium

here we are Belgium

Here we are Belgium is the local chapter of Here We Are Global. A community to promote the “portable career” concept, in order to help people that find themselves moving frequently and willing to build an ongoing professional career path while moving.

Here we are Belgium aims to meet up and collaborate with like-minded professionals on the move, policymakers and local service providers to promote greater participation in the labour market, thru:

  • Advocacy and awareness-raising on the challenges and opportunities faced by professionals on the move regarding labour market integration.
  • Fostering visibility and promoting the voice of professionals on the move.
  • Addressing a knowledge gap on the subject, seek viable solutions and contribute with examples of good practice on policy and programmatic activities to stakeholders and collaborators.

Nonetheless, in order to achieve our aim, we need your participation and support, so if you are a professional on the move, or would like to collaborate with us, mail to

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Sylvie Van de Waeter

Sylvie is our Here We Are Belgium Focal Point .

She works for the Flemisch Government and is one of the focal points of HWA that is not an international but a local.

She works for the Flemisch government for the Agency for Home Affairs where she mostly worked on diversity and welfare. She has a communication background.



Here we are Belgium is established in Antwerp. Would you like to know more about here we are Belgium?

Please send us an e-mail at

So, here you are. Too foreign for home, too foreign for here. Never enough for both.
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