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Whether you’re in Copenhagen or in any other area of the country, this is the podcast for you!

Listen to this podcast on your way to work or while you explore your new city in Denmark!

Listen to conversations with internationals like you, who’ve moved to this country for work, love and/or to experience a new culture and way of living.

Every journey is different, so let’s dive deep on how you can get the job you want and find your crew in your new environment.

Let this podcast guide you on how to make the best of your time in Denmark with insights that you can apply when moving around the world 🙂


Here we are Denmark was established in Copenhagen in 2018. Our team initiates 4-6 network events a year.

Would you like to know more about here we are Denmark? Wish to join our community?

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Leanne Wray

Leanne is here we are Denmark's Country Manager. She is also a Global Mobility and Management Professional. Leanne is from Australia, lived in the UK for 20 years and has called Denmark home since 2017.

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We welcome all ideas and skills, but here you'll find the skills we're seeking at the moment for 2021.

*An event coordinating team
*Creative/Expertise content writers
*SoMe management & creation

1. Start building your professional network in Denmark
2. Explore current and new skills
3. Showcase your work/portfolio
4. Co-create
5. Showcase your work/portfolio
6. And so much more!
Share your ideas with us - the more people the merrier!

Nerrisa Rose Weis

Nerrisa is the co-founder of here we are Denmark. As a Business Development and Marketing Manager, Nerrisa has been part of the global communications team of here we are global, and freelanced as consultant for Homestead and IPM Global Mobility Nordics. Originally from the Philippines, she has been expatriated to Hong Kong and Bangkok, and finally put down roots in Denmark 12 years ago.

Rita Berrios

Rita Berríos Riquelme

Rita is originally from Chile and lived 10 years in the U.S. She is a journalist, editor and translator, and loves painting and playing her ukulele. She joins us as a Focal Point and co-host of here we are Denmark podcast.

What our members say

"Connecting with a group of global professionals in my new country not only provided opportunities for jobs in areas I never imagined. It also inspired me greatly and showed a new direction career wise. I got valuable feedback on my CV and structured networking led me to interviews and opened opportunities for me."
Peter Leth Jensen
Teacher, traveling from Denmark
"A global network like here we are is a place to find possibilities for both private as well as professional growth and expanding your opportunities. The old saying goes: If you don`t knock on the door it will not open. As in anything in life one, has to actively give it a try and participate. And results will come sooner or later in the most satisfactory way.” ,
Elgina Kamil Thomsen
Physician. Currently living in Copenhagen, previously posted to Japan

Opportunities and Inspiration

UMs welcome to Denmark site

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs runs a welcome to Denmark website with great information about life and work in Denmark



Homestead Denmark is a partner of here we are Denmark. Homestead's purpose is to help International Newcomers settle in quickly and with ease.

Meet Petek Jinkins. In this blogpost she explains why she joined here we are global.

Career coach and mentor David Parkins talked about proactive problem-solving and progressive perspective change for smart personal and career growth in Copenhagen.

Learn more about here we are Denmark on our global blog. All blogs from our members and meetings are tagged Denmark.

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