HR Sandbox: Daring to employ the wild card – Finding the X factor of a diverse talent pool

26th March 2019 @ 8:30 am – 11:00 am
Jannie Skov-Hansen
HR Sandbox: Daring to employ the wild card – Finding the X factor of a diverse talent pool @

Daring to employ the wild card – Finding the X factor of a diverse talent pool’
I. “The fearless organisation”
II. “Liquid workforce”
III. “1+1 profiles”

The future workforce is diverse, mobile and digital – today talents effectively compete on the global market. To attract these qualified global talents, the future workplace must have a diversity focus, especially at leadership levels and the ability to integrate talent into the corporate culture.

The process and cost of sourcing and securing the right employees has taken on a new dimension.

Together we attract the talents that will bring you the right skills for a new way of thinking.
This is how the foundation for success is created. Seehigh-quality professionals with a twist of new perspectives adding new ideas and directions to your business. An investment that can benefit the bottom line far into the future.

Join here we are global for our next invitation-only HR event to co-develop fresh perspectives and co-create innovative, practical solutions to critical HR challenges.

Simply put, the HR Sandbox is an experimental and experiential (hands-on) space (learning lab) for exploring, developing, and practicing alternative approaches. It’s a safe place to take off your manager hat and consider new possibilities of engaging with 21st century professional and organisational issues. All HR Sandboxes are hosted by here we are global and presented by thought-leaders with a powerful message, a global outlook and a growth mindset.

Though participation in a here we are global HR Sandbox event is free, a no-show fee of 300 DKK will be charged. Sign up at

Tuesday 26. March 9.00-11.00
Check-in from 8.30-9.00.

Talent Garden Rainmaking, Danneskiold Samsøes Allé 41, Copenhagen

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Olskaer & Qvortrup &
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GITTE OLSKAER & NICOLINE QVORTRUP have culture at the core of every activity at Olskaer & Qvortrup.
As advocates for diversity, Gitte and Nicoline’s are specialised in understanding the needs of people, groups and companies and their barriers, everyday life and perceptions in intercultural collaboration.
It should be in everyone’s interest to learn how to act with cultural competence in this world that only becomes “smaller”. If employees and management are able to navigate efficiently in a multicultural context, it will turn out to have a positive outcome on the company’s bottom line.

HILDE SEGLEM’S background is leadership, business- and people development in sales and marketing. From senior positions in international companies she knows the complex-ities of organizations and the peoples within them. Hilde is experienced in unleashing potential and investing in soft skills to create lasting changes and enhance the trust in own talent. An innovative leader with a strong focus on the diversity in the liquid workforce.

NINA ULLER has a background of 36 years in leadership, mostly military and tech in various leading roles, latest as vice dean at the Danish Defense College and leadership advisor in Afghanistan. Based on her interest in how human beings are able to collaborate in high risk environments she studied organisational psychology and high-performance teams. Now focusing on how leaders can create a “Fearless Organisation” ready to embrace the new diverse workforce and bring everyone’s talent into the game.

DAVID PARKINS is a 21 st century development strategist with a passion for reinventing the workplace based on blended best practice from both Education and HR with research-based evidence-driven professional and organisational development.

Co-facilitators: Annelise Goldstein and Anne Bundgaard

Get the invitation as a pdf: Mar_HRsandbox.

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