Portable Careers

12th November 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Diplomatic Academy, Music Room
Portable Careers @ Diplomatic Academy, Music Room

Our Austrian Focal Point and VIE LESA co-counder Verena Heingärtner has been invited to participate in the panel of PWN Vienna’s next Linkup & Learn on “Portable Careers”.

The topic of Career and Expatriation is a broad one: it includes self-initiated expatriation, international assignments and being a “trailing spouse” when accompanying ones partner.

Today, less and less women (and men) are willing to follow their partners since they tend to set up and continue their own careers. This has an impact on forms of expatriation: commuting within Europe, or short-term assignments.

Those who accompany their expatriate spouses or partners, are often “hidden champions”, since they tend to be highly-qualified but face difficulties in continuing their own professional career.

Women are still under-represented in international assignments. Research has shown that traditional gender roles are an important obstacle to overcome this imbalance.

Find more information about the event and sign up on PWN Viennas Webpage.

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