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Founder Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen

Having lived 7 years in Asia, Jannie has first hand insights on the many considerations arising when an international assignment comes your way. As a traveling partner she has chosen to first pause her studies and later leave a corporate job to follow her husband on international adventures.

Here we are global is the network she missed 2 years into her posting to Central Asia:

I needed to structure my experiences, assess my competencies and prepare for re-entering the job market at home. At the same time I saw a huge gap in how organisations address the situation of dual career couples. What is needed is a well thought through solution releasing the tremendous amount of talent, energy and resources among men and women choosing a global development path.

Here we are global is the mindful mobility solution that has the potential to offer accompanying partners a sense of purpose and real opportunities to build skills sets while also creating a new narrative on how we as international work trotters contribute to the societies we are part of. As next-pats; ready to build and share our backpacks of knowledge, skills and competencies. As life long learners adapting to a world in which there are no borders hindering us in creating value for ourselves and others in a ever growing supportive community of global professionals and visionary organisations.”

Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen is a mother of three, married and the Founder of here we are global. From employments across the NGO, public and private sectors, Jannie has worked with international HR, organisational development and global careers for more than 16 years.

As a Danish citizen she has lived in Nepal and Kyrgyzstan and traveled extensively, making her an avid networker and optimist set to build the go-to platform for traveling partners as global professionals on the move.

Learn more about Jannie and the ideas behind here we are:

Blogposts by Jannie Skov-Hansen

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